Strengthening the network┬á­čĺ¬ and actions to support COMMERCIAL AGENTS


IUCAB exchange ­čîÉ | Strengthening the network ­čĺ¬ and actions to support COMMERCIAL AGENTS | Sharing best practices examples and developing together ­čÜÇ competences, skills & knowledge for the future challenges | President Olivier Mazoyer and Christian Rebernig met ­čĄŁ the Italian Member Association ­čç«­čç╣ USARCI | Special thanks ­čÖĆ to Giovanni Di Pietro, USARCI President, Mauro Rist├ę, USARCI Vicepresident, Antonello Marzolla, USARCI Secretary General and Marco Righetti, IUCAB Vicepresident | IUCAB. We Speak the International Language of Sales. Since 1953. | Find out more

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