commercial agents in the pharmacy, clinic sector

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High commissions for the sale of Nanofiber ffp2 masks for pharmacy, clinical and hospital sectors

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We are looking for commercial agents with a portfolio of clients in the pharmacy, clinic or general business sector that need to regularly buy masks to exclusively offer our unique nanofiber ffp2 mask, manufactured in South Korea.
With excellent breathability, filtration> 99%, greater durability, 3D panel design, sterile and very well presented in individual aluminum packaging.
Commercial contract with good commissions for billing + objectives, applicable to the entire national territory.
If you do not have a portfolio of clients in these sectors but have the aptitude to achieve our objectives, you can present your forecasts for a specific territory.

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Medizinprodukte, Gesundheitswesen:  Krankenhausbedarf, Altenheimbedarf, Pharmazeutika, Apothekenbedarf

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Krankenhäuser, Sanatorien, Andere, Pharmazeutische, kosmetische, medizintechnische Industrie