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Sales Agent/Sales Agency - räder GmbH

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We are seeking a motivated and organized Sales Agent/Sales Agency to close sales and boost our customer base. You will utilize established leads and find new leads for potential customers. After making initial contact, you will present the benefits of our products and services, helping them understand how these products can enhance their everyday sales. We prefer candidates who have at least two years of sales experience and a solid history of closing sales in the decorative lifestyle trade.

Sales Agent Duties and Responsibilities

  • Research potential leads from business directories, web searches, or digital resources and personal contacts

  • Contact potential customers through phone calls, emails and visits

  • Determine customer needs and offer product or service solutions and support

  • Deliver customized, targeted sales strategies

  • Close sales and lead customer through the purchasing process

  • Meet all quotas for inside and outside sales

  • Create and maintain a database of prospective clients

Sales Agent Requirements and Qualifications

  • Preferably own existing customer base

  • 2+ years of sales experience preferred with a demonstrated successful sales record

  • In-depth understanding of company services and its position in the industry

  • Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite and Salesforce experience

  • Excellent communication skills

The räder company is one of the market leaders in the living accessories and gift items segment.

Let us take you away to our räder world – a brand cosmos in which we tell you tales of love and happiness, of laughter and of life itself. With our products we arouse your longing for a piece of poetry in everyday life and the desire to give a special gift. We aim to awake your inspiration and joie de vivre with every single one of our items. To do so we pour all of our passion and our soul into our daily work and would like to touch your heart and give you our promise of happiness.

Become our partner and an enchanting story teller. Entice your customers with our unique räder products.

Sortimente und Produkte

Fashions, Sports, Accessories:  Accessoires, Damenoberbekleidung

Papier, Verpackung, Büro:  Karton, Pappe

Wohnambiente:  Babymöbel, Kindermöbel, Jugendmöbel, Badetextilien, Badezimmermöbel, Keramik, Gardinenstoffe, Dekorationsstoffe, Floristenbedarf, Korbwaren, Möbel, Gartenbedarf, Gartenmöbel, Geschenkartikel, Glas, Handarbeit, Hobby, Basteln, Haustextilien, Heimtextilien, Hotelbedarf, Gaststätten, Großküchenbedarf, Hausgerätetech. (weiße W.), Lampen, Leuchten, Installationsartik., Haushaltsbedarf, Innenausstattung, Wohnaccessoires, Schmuck, Edelmetalle, Edelsteine, Kücheneinrichtungen, Wohnmöbel, Schlafraummöbel, Metallwaren, Büromöbel, Haustierbedarf, Porzellan, Kleinmöbel, Tischwäsche, Spielwaren, Kinderausstattung

Kundenkreise und Zielgruppen

Architekten, Innenarchitekten, Verbrauchermarkt, Nahrungsmittelindustrie, Genussmittelindustrie, Möbelindustrie, Küchenindustrie, Handwerk, Andere, Gastronomie, Hotellerie, Einzelhandel (filialisiert), Einzelhandel (nicht filialisiert), Großhandel


Spain, Russia, Southeast-Europe